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Salisbury Chiropractor Provides Comfortable Care

Newman Chiropractic Offers Family Health

Salisbury chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Newman is ready to welcome you to our friendly, relaxed office. Your entire family can regain their health and live an active lifestyle through our effective chiropractic care. Newman Chiropractic will make sure you feel comfortable while all of your concerns are fully addressed. Dr. Jeff is an active, family-oriented chiropractor who is here to help improve the health of our community — his hometown.

Techniques for Every Body

The many different techniques Dr. Jeff uses are appropriate for a wide range of issues. No matter
where your problem areas are, our expertise will determine how best to help you.

“I’ve lived through nearly every injury that people come in for, so I understand the
recovery process and can help guide patients in the most appropriate way.”

The mechanical changes we’ll make in your body will relieve your pain and help to prevent future
problems from occurring. Your involvement in committing to lifestyle improvements is the best
decision you can make for your continued health.

Health Care on Your Terms

At Newman Chiropractic, when you get better, you’re released from care. There are no long
treatment plans, and you don’t need to continue seeing us if you choose not to. We’re here
to make sure you’re able to reach your health goals and are happy to serve you in any
capacity you choose.

Are you looking for a natural, effective way to achieve better health? We’re ready to help you.
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