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About Newman Chiropractic

Our Mission

Chiropractor Salisbury About Us

At Newman Chiropractic, we’re here to help you experience a lifetime of wellness!

Since 2010, Dr. Jeff Newman has offered natural, effective chiropractic care to Salisbury. He is passionate about helping as many people as possible. We’re here to help you take control of your health. You’ll learn how your body functions and we’ll show you the movement it’s supposed to have. While working toward relieving your pain and restoring function, we’ll talk to you about how to prevent future injury from occurring.


Family Wellness Care

The healing process is also about education. We’ll focus on helping you make changes in your lifestyle to live healthier. Dr. Jeff has had multiple injuries and health difficulties himself and understands how tough life can be when you can’t do the things you love. We want to help your entire family through the process of recovery so you can experience a lifetime of wellness together.

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Evidence-Based Chiropractic

Each of us has an ideal range of motion our bodies should be able to reach. This motion can be reduced when we’re injured, resulting in pain and loss of function. We’ll determine your needs through a comprehensive examination process and start you on a path to recovery. The conditions we commonly see include:

We’re ready to address the needs of your entire family. Call (978) 358-8799 today to find out more about improving your health!