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Welcome to Newman Chiropractic in Salisbury

Conveniently Located 10 Min From Amesbury

Dr. Jeff Newman is an active, family-oriented chiropractor who is dedicated to improving the health of our community.

I’ve lived through nearly every injury that people come in for, so I understand the recovery process and can help guide patients in the most appropriate way.
Dr. Jeff Newman

Some of the conditions we commonly see include back pain, sciatica, neck pain, disc injuries, headaches, shoulder pain, knee pain and allergies.

Whether you’ve been sidelined by an injury, have experienced chronic pain or simply want to reach peak health, Dr. Jeff can help.

Are you looking for a natural, effective way to achieve better health? Call (978) 358-8799 today!


Dr. Jeff Newman


  • I feel listened to and Dr. Jeff clearly explains his findings and treatment plan. Positive, upbeat environment. Highly recommend.

    -J. C.
  • Dr. Jeff was extremely personal and helpful about explaining not only my condition, but also what I can expect in the way of treatment and potential recovery time. I’m looking forward to progress with Dr. Jeff!

    -K. H.
  • For the past 6 years, Dr. Jeff has collaborated with me to devise a holistic, thoughtful, comprehensive treatment plan that provides effective intervention. The Graston technique has done wonders for my re-occurring plantar fasciiatis and his spinal adjustments are very effective. Dr. Jeff is personable and gets me in whenever I need to see him!

  • Dr. Jeff made me feel at ease.

    -K. S.
  • Dr. Newman made me feel comfortable and explained everything very well.

    -A. S.
  • Very pleased with the results, thank you so much!

    -O. C.
  • Diagnosed with a tear in my rotator cuff, I was facing surgery that would require a 4-6 month recovery. After meeting with Dr. Jeff, he felt that he would be able to heal me without surgery. He was right. I now have total use of my shoulder again. Dr. Jeff prevented an unnecessary surgery for me!

  • I have had back problems for years and was never a fan of chiropractors until a friend sent me to D.r Jeff Newman. I honestly can’t believe how good I feel.

  • Dr. Jeff is a thoughtful, caring, and gentle chiropractor. I truly appreciate his gentle approach to my spinal adjustments, as well as his suggestions on exercise and stretches. I highly recommend Dr. Jeff Newman for your chiropractic care, health maintenance and acute injuries.

  • It’s been a while since going to Dr. Jeff because he cured my pain issues and helped motivate me into a regular fitness program. When I did meet with Dr. Jeff, he was very attentive, knowledgeable and able to help. Got pain? Then come see Dr. Jeff and he will fix you. This new location is a perfect spot.

  • I started seeing Dr. Jeff Newman last fall when I had limited mobility in my neck. Dr. Jeff took the time to explain all my treatment options and let me decide which treatment I would be most comfortable with. After one visit I could already feel an improvement. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Jeff to my friends and family.

  • It’s a great feeling the moment you walk in. Positive, friendly people and a good overall vibe within the clean, modern facility.

    -P. F.
  • I am elated with the care, attention and friendliness of the entire staff…. AND I got answers! THE best Chiropractor I have ever seen!!!

    -P. A.
  • Dr Jeff knew exactly what was wrong. Very impressed with his caring and knowledge.

    -E. H.


Dr. Jeff Newman | Amesbury Chiropractor | (978) 358-8799

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