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Cox Flexion-Distraction Protocol

Flexion Distraction Technique at Newman Chiropractic in Salisbury

Let Dr. Jeff help relieve your pain!

Newman Chiropractic is just one of the few practices in the area that offers Flexion-Distraction treatment (F&D) for chronic neck and back pain, neck and back disc bulges, herniations and spinal stenosis. While weekend infomercials are littered with various at-home low back pain and sciatica products, none allow for precision needed to manage an inflammed/injured disc.

F&D was designed specifically to handle injury to the spinal disc.

Dr. Jeff suffered from a herniated lower back spinal disc (lumbar disc) which compressed a nerve causing SCIATICA. The injury caused him to revamp his entire patient education and treatment approach after realizing just how life changing this type of injury can be for patients and their families.

The process includes very precise step-by-step F&D treatment, along with in depth analysis of patient bio-mechanics to help them stay mobile at home, work and play without the anxiety of “making anything worse.”

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